Gao Biyi lighted sway,Yu Wenxian’s hands are facing him.,Immediately, I took the box with black cloth.。

He and the officers left,Zheng Minmin asked:“What are you doing,Why don’t I understand??”
“Yu Wenxian is very smart,only,He is awkward。”
Gao Bao said if he thought。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS1239chapter Heartman
Simple wooden box,Workmanship is still exquisite。
Putting a pair of four-color paint,It looks like a temporary,Nothing is worthy of a place。
As for the four colors of the wooden ball,Even the size is slightly different。
This piece before looking at the table“strangeness”Stuff,Yu Xian’s sigh,I want to talk to someone.,No one can talk about it。Before the wine table,Gao Boyi said to play this game,Why do he choose not to play??
Because Yu Xian doesn’t want his own bottom,Exotic by Gao Biyi。This four-color ball box,It looks flat,In fact, internal mystery。
People who are responsible for the ball,Obvious“Dealer”,And people responsible for guess,Be“Idle home”,The advantage of the former,Far more than the latter,And take the initiative。
Because this game has a hidden rule,Ball in the box,Not necessarily certain!
Yuli number,There are more than 100 balls in the box,obviously,Gao Biyi said to himself“Play”,Very misleading。In fact,To get a hundred points,Don’t need so many balls at all。
It is also not necessarily to meet this condition.。
even,How much is the representative of each ball,That is the benevolent seeing the people。
These things,It is also what he came back and wanted to understand.。
Look at this box,Yu Xian thought the emperor and minister,Lord and under,Conclude,Aunt“host”,Hobby“minister”,This game is very good.。
Red balls have more than 90,Operation of daily affairs。Chenzi wants to guess the idea of the Lord,Do the main thing。done,Increase a little pet。
Failure, the problem is not big,Maximum is disappointed with the lead.。
This is the daily game of the Lord and Chenzi。
Yellow ball and blue ball,It should be a crisis and emergency event,These things,More important in the heart of the heart,Once lost,Affected status。
Yu Xian found,Found two green balls in the box,There are only two!
“This ball,Obviously there should be only four points。Gao Boyi,It turned out that it left one hand here.。”
Yu Xian picks up the green ball,If you think about it。
If the fraction of the green ball rises to fifty,even more,Not four,Then it is completely paired with this game.。
Director is on the green ball,Popularity,Representing the life of the main public。Green ball,Means the main public to dispose of this minister。
However,Chenzi once guessed the green ball,Then it means retrogress,In many cases,Basically, represent the end of the game!So the green ball will have two。
Hints that the main belongs,Each opportunity。
As for other balls,But it is a fractal pavement.。If there is nothing to do in the next day,So even if you think it is successful.,It is also very difficult。Maybe it will be a little loss because of small things.。