Career background is also easy

Career background is also easy

In the 1970s, workers were the most popular marriage target.

In the 1980s, “Military, Driver, Pork Guy” became the most popular male industry at that time for young women.

Now, the standards for single men and women’s mate selection have changed a lot.

A survey released by a well-known marriage and dating website in Shanghai yesterday revealed that civil servants and teachers have become the most popular love objects for women and men, respectively, while female nurses and male finance have become “big bosses.”

Marriage experts said that “hot” and “cold” marriage and love industries are relative, and the most important criterion for selecting a spouse is character.

  According to a poll conducted by a well-known dating and dating site in Shanghai, four popular professional women for men are teachers, company executives, national civil servants, and literary and art workers.

A considerable number of men said that when choosing a love partner, if the partner is a teacher, the impression score will increase by more than 40%.

  Ms. Wang, manager of the Shanghai Yuanyuan matchmaking service company, revealed that whether women are forcing college, elementary or middle school or kindergarten teachers, they are also very popular among male members.

“The reason they like teachers is actually quite simple. Teachers have two long vacations a year and their work is relatively easy.

As long as there is no class, you can go home. In the future, it will be better to take care of your children.

“Ms. Wang said that men generally think that girls who are teachers are more caring and patient, and their incomes are relatively stable, so they have become the priority communication destination for men.

  However, compared with female teachers, male teachers are not so “lucky”.

Ms. Wang said that women generally don’t like men as a “taught bookmaker”. “They don’t have much income and can’t be a great leader. Of course, their future is not very promising.

The first thing that male civil servants rank in amazingly is the transformation, and women are becoming more and more popular with urban men.

Mr. Hong, 29, is in a relationship with Miss Ji, the marketing director of a trading company. He told reporters that in fact, women who are executives of the company have a high level of knowledge and personal literacy, even in important positions.Boyfriend feeling.

“In front of me, my girlfriend will always be a birdie, and I appreciate her strong ability to work, and the formation of a family will be smoother in the future.

“In the women’s favorite spouse industry, civil servants are not allowed to be the” first. ”

The survey found that male civil servants have attracted women’s attention because of their stable income, decent work, and potential for growth.

According to data from Shanghai Yuanyuan Matchmaking Service Company, among registered male members, the popularity of civil servants is as high as 95%, and some women even say that they only choose civil servants as their boyfriends and husbands.

  Senior “blue collar” is “black horse” Through advanced “blue collar”, “grey collar” is increasing, and men engaged in this industry are becoming more and more “popular”.

“I used to think that a mechanic was a man buried in the factory workshop. His work clothes were always dirty, his fingers smelled of oil, and his income was not as good as that of white-collar workers.

Now my mind has completely changed.

The company clerk Zhu Digang fell in love with Xiao Wu, a senior mechanic of a large automobile manufacturing company. As Xiao Wu worked hard, he mastered the “high-end” technology in the automobile manufacturing process, and his salary was no worse than that of ordinary white collar workers in foreign companies.

  According to the results of a network survey, IT industry and men with technical overlap are generally more popular with single women.

Ten years ago, women’s first choice for large-scale white-collar workers in the corporate world, financial office workers, and other industries, can no longer be classified as the top three.

Among the several matchmaking agencies interviewed by reporters, male civil servants, doctors, engineers, senior technicians, chefs, and IT personnel are among the top industries in the “hot” industry.

  Marriage “unpopular”
professional male financial female nurses become “boss hard” male finance, and the bailiff (prison police) has become a special “unpopular” marriage and love object.

Ms. Wang said that single women believe that financial care requires extra care and that they are also particularly sensitive to numbers. If their boyfriend or husband is a financial worker, it feels “stubborn” and “careful”.

  Prison police are also relatively difficult to get women’s favor because of their work characteristics.

In addition, male salespeople are not favored by women because of their work and mutation.

  In the unpopular marriage industry of single women, female nurses have become the most difficult group.

“The main reason is that nurses have special jobs and need to work three shifts to take good care of their families.

In addition, many men think that women who are nurses are somewhat clean, and this habit will make most men unbearable.

Undoubtedly, male doctors are very popular.

“The high-risk industry” single “is worth paying attention to. In the survey data, the reporter also found that some people in the military’s dangerous industry have become another” three high “crowd after marriage difficulties.

  It is said that online surveys show that the top “high-risk industries” include civil aviation, railways, seafarers, news media, and financial and securities industries.

Because these industries face many uncertain dangers, they cannot give their spouses a corresponding sense of security and are not favored by single men and women.

  ”Police, firefighters, journalists, pilots and other people often face high dangers and their lives are particularly unsafe.In the financial and securities industries, because of long-term exposure to high-load and high-stress working environments, the degree of concern for their own health is not high, so some single people do not like it.

“The person concerned said.

  The marriage status of high-risk groups has attracted the attention of related parties.

Recently, the “Diamond King Lao Wuzheng Marriage Network”, an antique rich man’s marriage, recently announced that the “heart bridge project” that will serve the police, firefighters, reporters, pilots and other high-risk industries will be officially launched in the near future.

Xu Tianli, president of the website, believes that these people have an extraordinary dedication, and their hearts will be respected by others.

  The top ten single “high-risk” occupations can be understood as those who are most likely to be single in these occupations, or single persons who are best suited for these occupations.

In any case, the high income, social level, development prospects, broad international vision and network resources brought by these jobs have made countless single men and women compete.


The consultant has more days on the plane than on the ground. I don’t know where tomorrow is today.

The suitcase is always ready.


There are more women than men in accountants, and overdue work is normal.


Advertising company employees (including public relations companies) have more women than men and work overtime.

Seems to know a lot of people, but few have turned a working relationship into a lover relationship.


Attorneys and lawyers have always been judged to be low for their rigorous professional needs, and women lawyers have made men more afraid.


Costume designers Good clothing designers always seem to be “innovating”, and it is difficult to maintain eternal passion for an old relationship.


Makeup artists, stylists, photographers, women, and men think that men in this industry are too feminine, too much contact with beautiful women, dangerous.


The website staff work overtime and the staff are very young.


Reporters / editors read too much, and they are always exposed to the dark side of society.


People in the entertainment industry are too rich in emotional life, and there are too many temptations around them.

Too many choices to start.


Gender-separated teams of athletes often closed training.

Some are famous for deliberately staying single, for audience support.

  [Expert analysis]”Hardware” spouse selection is not an absolute requirement. Wang Weiming, director of the matchmaking industry committee of the China Social Workers Association, said in an interview that there is a “cold” and “hot” unevenness in the profession as one of the “hardware” of spouse selection.understanding.

“特别是在家长等老一辈看来,‘男怕入错行、女怕嫁错郎’的说法还是很有影响力的,因此在子女选择婚恋对象时,对方的职业问题成为十分重要的Selection criteria.

Wang Weiming said that when love comes, any obstacle is not a problem, so the ranking of “cold and hot” occupations in marriage is only relative.

Once it has reached the stage of discussing marriage, most people will rationally consider each other’s internal qualities such as character, soul, etc.

“For men, virtuous, gentle traditional women are clearly more popular.

Women are more willing to find men who are responsible, filial, and motivated.

“Manager Wang of Shanghai Liyuan Matchmaking Service Co., Ltd. believes that there should be a saying,” As long as it is gold, it will shine everywhere. “As long as it is of good quality, you can get the care of Eros when you are in the” outdoor “industry.

And if the “potential stocks” are picked, the “unpopular” talents will also create happy marriages.