Beautiful God Zahalova’s new work debuts in Asia, Tianqiao Theater performs Chanel’s life

“Beautiful God” Zahalova’s new work debuts in Asia, Tianqiao Theater performs Chanel’s life
Lasting for three months, the fourth China International Ballet Performance Season, which has staged 19 performances and 30 performances in a row, ushered in the closing performance on the evening of January 10, which was performed by the world ‘s top ballet artist Svetlana· Zahalova, with the Bolshoi Theatre artist, presented his new work “MODANSE”.This is the first Asian show of the work, and it is also the third time that Zahalova, who is praised by the audience as “beauty”, stands on the stage of the Amanohashi Theater and uses ballet to perform the life of the legendary fashion queen Coco Chanel.”Karberil Chanel” Jack Derwent was filmed as the double chief dancer of the Bolshoi Theatre in Russia and the La Scala Theatre in Italy. Zahalova made his debut in the China International Ballet Performance Season in 2017.”Death” and “Pirate” fragments conquered the Chinese audience.In 2018, she once again deflected the artists of the Bolshoi Theatre to perform the new work “AMORE” on the stage of the Overpass Theater.Zahalova, who came to the Tianqiao Theater for the third time, said in an interview that it is a kind of glory to feel like going home and to conclude the fourth China International Ballet Performance Season with a new work.Facing the hot situation that “MODANSE” was sold out in just three days after the invoicing, Zahalova said, “I would like to thank the Chinese organizers in particular for having such great interest in my performances and repertoire.”Since the successful performance of” AMORE “here in 2018, they immediately paid special attention to my new work. Last year,” MODANSE “sent me an invitation immediately at the world premiere of” MODANSE “in Moscow.I like China very much and I am very happy to see so many young people come to see my performance. This is the most important thing.”It’s like breathing” Batyr Annadurdyev’s “MODANSE” is a combination of music, dance and costume art. It consists of two single-act dramas like “like breathing” and “Gaberil Chanel”.The first half of “Like Breath” is the work of Italian choreographer Mauro Bigonzeti. The piano suite of George Friedrich Handel sets the musical tone for the dance. The choreography and fashion are bold.Clothing is a modern interpretation of Baroque aesthetics.The second half was “Gabriel Chanel”, which was composed by Ilya Dimsky, Yuri Posokhov was the choreographer, and Alexei Franzetti was the scriptwriter and director. TheyWorking together, they considered the personal life and creative career of the legend of fashion queen Coco Chanel.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Ai Ni proofreading Li Lijun