Because the company is really short of people now,This is a very helpless thing。

If the company has its own system,It’s not that tragedy,But now the company is just getting started,Those talent systems haven’t got anything,In this situation,Where is there any way?
Gao Hao also had a headache looking at Gao Yu and said:“What your boss said,You all know?I only have one sentence,You watched it yourself。”
Your mother and I are your only child,If you are overworked,We don’t know what to do。
Poor parents in the world,Gao Hao has always appeared on the cold side,But this does not mean,He has no love of his own。
Parents love their children deeply,But most men don’t show this love。
It’s just that there are some things that can’t be hidden。
Qin Feng understands such love,He can’t help it。
Gao Yu didn’t know how to talk。
To be precise,For this period of time,He can’t bear it anymore。
But he also thought of Yunxiang,Because Yunxiang has always been there,In this situation,If he chooses to leave,That’s also very frustrated。
The most important thing is,In this company, he can also reflect his life value。
Don’t talk about other things,Just say you can think about salary matters,Because his salary has reached more than 10,000。
It can be said that this is money that how many people can’t get in their lives,But he already has it in this small place。