“Ok,more or less!In addition to Samsung Group,Daewoo。It’s really a giant!But don’t be nervous,We are only interviewing a small game company under Daewoo。”AhVCrooked neck,Cheer for subordinates。

“Ok,We are not nervous,one day in the future,we《Game time》Will become a big company!”Xiao Cai said confidently。
Four people entered fifth street
building,The Moyu Game Company who is going to be interviewed is on the tenth floor。
Xiao Cai called to contact each other,Staff will come down soon to receive。
Lu Menglin knows whyVWill bring Xiao Cai to Korea,It turns out that the little girl speaks very authentic Korean。
Four people followed the staff who came to the reception,Take the elevator to the tenth floor together。
The entire floor of the tenth floor is the office of Moyu Games,I saw the huge company logo as soon as I got out of the elevator,And a smiling front deskMM。
Their office windows are bright and clean,The light and vision are very good,The office area also has a refreshment room and a lounge,There is actually a card table inside。
AhVWhile watching,Let Ade take these details,Learn from others’ experience。
“Everybody,Please come to the lounge with me to sit down,Manager Nan will be here soon。”The staff said politely。
Four people entered the lounge,After the staff poured tea for them,Retired gently。
The next one,I waited for more than 40 minutes,WaitVA little impatient,Get up several times,Full of complaints。
The time originally agreed by both parties was three in the afternoon,I received a call from Moyu’s public relations department last night,Said the time was changed to eleven in the morning,Mr. Nan Tianyu hopes that after the interview,with《Game time》’S interview team had a potluck together。