Woman’s mind, how can he don’t understand?!But this time he is also a look:“I want to say it is what I came.,Do you believe it?”

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Someone outside?”
Li Hui’s words let Liu Dafu are depressed to vomit blood。
“No one outside!”
“Then why do you want to divorce??”
Li Hui Feng is now suddenly a sudden discourse,Let Liu Dafu have repented the question before repent。
“No to divorce,Not what I mentioned,Is your scorpion,So I want you to help me.,Help me tell me。”
“After all, your scorpion is definite to your feelings.。”
Liu Dafu said this,The expression on the face is also slowly wretched。
“And when your scorpion is with you,You blow a pillow side by side,It is definitely possible。”
“Forehead,Liu Shu,I have been with my scorpion, I haven’t been together for a long time.,Basically, you know every time you.,And you can say this later.,After all, it is the time you ask.,I also work hard.,But there is no baby,I can’t do it.。”
This time,Li Hui Feng is not a young man before.。
If he now admits something,That is to leave the handle for Liu Dafu.。
For Liu Dafu’s tactics,He is naturally be careful。
Although Liu Dafu will not affect him,But nausea him,He feels still doing。
Liu Dafu did not expect that Li Hui has finished eating.,Also put a look and look。
But think about the things that he and Zhao Xiaoli before,It seems that I have to be a party that Li Hui belongs to the grievance.。
He used the means of using the medicine.,The result is cheaper.。
“Liu Shu,I am definitely can’t be blown with a pillow.,But when I have time to meet,Or when I went to Zhaojia Village, I asked what happened to my scorpion.,You won’t do what is sorry.?”
“After all, the scorpion has been said to be a hen who won’t fall.,This big black pot is a long time.,If you do something to do, sorry for her.,Maybe she really thinks more。”
Liu Dafu originally thought that Li Hui’s wind may be really awkward.。
When Li speaks from the wind, when this is said,He understood that Li Failee must know a little.。
Just know a little,Then he has a chance.。
Today, he finds that Li Hui’s wind is not really letting Li speaks with Zhao Xiaoli’s marriage.。
Instead, I want to continue climbing up.,If you can climb a little bit,Things to make money in the future, it is a little and easy to say to him.。
After all, now the vegetable factory flows water every day, he has envied.。
He feels that this is a machine that makes money.,Compared to the kind of thing that he does it,It’s just crushing。
“Xiao Li,What can I still do?,Those things that have been done before are known by your scorpion.,But I changed.,I am not alive.。”
“Um,Liu Shu,I will definitely speak for you.。”
Li Hui said Liu Dafu lying.,He also didn’t want to continue with the other party.。
Because he knows to continue,There is no truth in the other person.,Said that it is also white,Not as good as。
“Hey-hey,Thank you,Thank you,And your scorpion is the biggest reason for my divorce is our identity.。”